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  • Spot the Difference: Commuter vs. Light Rail

    Spot the Difference: Commuter vs. Light Rail

    Have you ever wondered the difference between our train and our neighbors over at Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)? Along with the differences in types of service provided and the area served, there is also a difference in.

  • President Blog – Transit Oriented Development and the A-train

    The A-train between Denton (DDTC) and Carrollton  (DART Trinity Mills Green Line Station) opens up many possibilities for the areas around our stations.  In addition to linking passengers to the local and regional transit systems, appropriate development near.

  • Rail Conference Comes to Dallas

    Next week (June 3 – 6) North Texas will showcase its rail transit system to industry peers when the American Public Transportation Association Annual Rail Conference comes to town. Hosted in large part by Dallas Area Rapid Transit, this.