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  • #WhyIRideDCTA: Shambrica Harris

    #WhyIRideDCTA: Shambrica Harris

    There is lots to do while you #RideDCTA! Dallas resident Shambrica Harris enjoys talking to other passengers and DCTA employees, listening to music and watching the scenery go by while she rides. Here are some other reasons why.

  • #WhyIRideDCTA: Edison Cook

    #WhyIRideDCTA: Edison Cook

    We love hearing from our riders about why they #RideDCTA! Denton resident Edison Cook rides our A-train to Dallas to go to the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) office in Dallas and likes to watch the sunset over Lewisville Lake..

  • #WhyIRideDCTA: Sarah Beavers

    #WhyIRideDCTA: Sarah Beavers

    We offer our riders a variety of ways for them to get where they need to go. Argyle resident Sarah Beavers rides our A-train and Connect Buses to get to her destinations in both Denton and Lewisville! This.

  • #WhyIRideDCTA: Alfonso Barajas

    #WhyIRideDCTA: Alfonso Barajas

    Living in Dallas but going to school in Denton might be a problem for some people, but Dallas resident Alfonso Barajas overcomes that obstacle by riding DCTA! As a student in his last year of college at the.

  • #WhyIRideDCTA: Deja Lynch

    #WhyIRideDCTA: Deja Lynch

    Denton resident Deja Lynch spends most of her days working toward her dream of being a professional dancer, but she never misses an opportunity to explore Denton County thanks to DCTA! Even though we can get you to.